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Mar 27 2013

Brookesia Micra: the Tiniest Chameleon Ever

Smallest chameleon in the world on a thumb

I should probably cut my nails.

This is what would happen if a baby chameleon had a baby chameleon, and then that baby chameleon had a baby chameleon. Behold Brookesia Micra – the world’s smallest chameleon. As exemplified by the juvenile perched on a nail, this chameleon is very seriously diminutive – adults reach a maximum length of 1.2 inches from snout to tail. Brookesia Micra was only recently discovered in 2012 on the tiny island of Nosy Hara in Madagascar. It’s a classic example of island dwarfism – organisms gets tinier due to limited available resources.

World's smallest chameleon sitting on a matchstick

Obligatory matchstick photo showing miniature scale.

Brookesia Micra is so micra, it doesn’t even require color changing for camouflage – it blends in perfectly among leaf litter.

Smallest chameleon on grass

Let's call this Chamouflage.


Photos via Nat Geo, Dailymail

Aug 9 2011

Bare-faced Bulbul

Bare-faced bulbul bird.

Bare bare birdie.


Bare-faced bulbul bird in tree.

Laying shame to the Bald Eagle.

Clearly the Bare-faced Bulbul has nothing to hide. And yet, this Bulbul has barely faced human contact. The songbird was only recently discovered in central Laos twittering about the steep features of the limestone karst region near Pha Lom.

Photo via Bird Forum

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