Creepy Animals

…they're really interesting.

May 26 2010

Animal Anomaly: One-eyed Kitten

Kitten with one eye on blanket.

Another example of the creepy-cute paradox? The evidence is before your eyes.

It was 2005 in Redmond, Oregon. Late one cold December night, a small kitten was born with just one eye, no nose and no eyelid. He was christened Cy (short for Cyclops) and passed away just one day later. Cy’s unique appearance was caused by a form of holoprosencephaly, a brain development disorder that can cause cyclopia — the failure of eyes to properly separate.

Nov 2 2009

Extremes: Featherless Chicken

Featherless chicken.

This photo could turn you vegetarian.

This is just wrong, creepy, and somehow hilarious all at the same time. Through selective breeding, the featherless chicken was created as a prototype for a new chicken breed that could be faster-growing and ‘environmentally friendly,’ meaning the energy that would otherwise be lost to the feather-plucking process could be conserved. We think there just might be better ways to go greener. Featherless chicken nuggets anyone?

Oct 12 2009

Extremes: the Grey German Giant Rabbit

Giant German Grey Rabbit.

Aesop would disapprove.

Behold, the Giant Rabbit. Carl Szmolinsky of Germany breeds these monster bunnies that are literally the size of a dog. No matter how many times we look at photos of these giant rabbits, they never cease to amaze us with their massive size. Visit this site and check these producs that can improve your pets health.

Giant German Rabbit breeder.

This particular specimen might be larger than a first grader.

Now let’s compare to regular rabbits – note the striking difference in ear size:

Giant German Rabbit next to normal rabbit.

This is just ridiculous.

Sep 28 2009

Animal Anomaly: Two-Faced Cat

Kitten with two faces.

Two-Faced Kitten, born in TX,

Twice as cute or twice as creepy? One brain or two? Do the kibbles go down a single esophagus? Poor little…kittykittens…kitty.

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