Creepy Animals

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Sep 28 2009

Animal Anomaly: Two-Faced Cat

Kitten with two faces.

Two-Faced Kitten, born in TX,

Twice as cute or twice as creepy? One brain or two? Do the kibbles go down a single esophagus? Poor little…kittykittens…kitty.

Even though its deformed and has two faces its still cute LOL:)

i would love that little critter right down to its very last day… AND THEN SOME!!! I thinks its just tooooo adorable, twice the kitty twice the love i could give it!!! :))

poor little kitten! whats it name?

I think it’s pretty cute. It reminds me of the two faced calf that was born a couple of years ago.

You have extremely bad taste in jokes! this is NOT funnyin the slightest you sicko.

Snow has a DAMN good point

did it live?? its 2013 now since the pic was taken in 2009??

the first