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Apr 17 2011

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse with big head.

Caution: Wide Load.

We all know the sea is thick with fish. With so many different species, some are bound to be a little unsightly. It’s basically a numbers game, and the Asian Sheepshead Wrasse happens to be a victim of the odds. This fish swims the shallow waters around China, Japan and the Koreas while resembling a very old man. With bulging protrusions on its head and jaw, this is a face only a mother could love.

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse swimming.

Waitaminute. Is that my grandpa swimming in the ocean?

Photo via Arkive

Watch it swim:

Sep 17 2010

Unapologetically Creepy: Cyclocosmia Spider

Cyclocosmia trapdoor spider.

The trap door spider = abomination of mother Earth and scourge of the insect world.

Cyclocosmia trapdoor spider bottom.

Wow. Seriously, Nature? You've really outdone yourself with this spider.

Love strange creatures? Hungry for more? Try this recipe for the creepalicious Cyclocosmia Spider:

– 1 small size spider
– 1/2 fresh coconut, flesh removed
– 1 large ancient Andean coin
– secrets

Directions: Select a location in the Florida Panhandle. In a large hole, combine ingredients and let sit for awhile. Carefully remove top soil. The Cyclocosmia Spider should be firm to touch and ready to scare the bejesus out of you. Serves 1.


Feb 22 2010

Unapologetically Creepy: Tongue-eating Parasite

Parasite on fish tongue.

Say hello to my little friend.

If this isn’t a creepy animal, then we may as well close shop. The Tongue-eating Parasite is an absolutely repulsive crustacean that truly lives up to its name. It enters through a fish’s gills, then latches onto the host’s tongue. Once fully secure, the parasite gorges on the blood supply. In due time the tongue shrinks to nothing and the parasite literally replaces it, carrying on as a functioning ‘tongue’. The gluttony continues – with its prime location in the mouth, the parasite continues to consume whatever comes its way, like blood, mucus, foodstuffs. Mmmmm.

Tongue eating parasite in hand.

This 'site isn't for everyone.

Photo via Fishing Fury

Feb 8 2010

Ajolote Lizard

Ajolote lizard.

What is the object in the photo above? Select the correct answer: A) Worm B) Plastic Toy C) Reptile D) Alien

The correct answer is C. Congratulations to all you connoisseurs of creepy! The Ajolote Lizard aka the Mexican Mole Lizard lives mainly underground eating worms and other insects. This reptile can be found only in the Baja California peninsula in Mexico – if you happen to go there on vacation, get to the wild and start overturning rocks and digging lightly around the mesquite.

When you see a long, flesh-colored creature with 2 minuscule arms and a set of pinholes for eyes, you’ll know what it is:

Dec 27 2009

Unapologetically Creepy: Vegetarian Spider

We never thought the words creepy and vegetarian could ever be used in the same sentence in a contextually sound way. But really, this Vegetarian Spider (the only vegetarian spider) is very seriously creepy. The Vegetarian Spider is a species of jumping spider that favors the buds of acacia plants, among other green items in tropical southeastern Mexico and Costa Rica where it lives.

Vegetarian spider with many eyes.

"I spy with my many eyes...vegetables!" - the spider above

Dec 15 2009

Unapologetically Creepy: Star-nosed Mole

Star-nosed Mole.

Smells like creepy.

Imagine: Wolverine-style claws implanted on your XXL paddle-shaped hands, beady eyes buried deep in your matted fur, and…22 fleshy pink tentacles surrounding your nostrils. Sounds creepy? Very. Just a day in the life of the Star-nosed Mole.

Nov 9 2009

Rare: Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo. And this is why they live underground.

The Pink Fairy Armadillo is one part warm fuzzy, one part cold prickly. The plates of armor-like skin protect this lilliputian armadillo species (~4 inches) against abrasion whilst digging underground, where it spends nearly all of its time. The supremely creepy animal is currently endangered in central Argentina, where it is found.

Oct 23 2009

Unapologetically Creepy: Chinese Giant Salamander

Chinese Giant Salamander held by man.


Slimy things aren’t supposed to be this big. And yet here is the Chinese Giant Salamander, which can reach almost 6 feet in length. If Creepy Animals had a rating system, this would probably hover at 90%.

There is also a Japanese Giant Salamander. Though it is smaller than the Chinese version, it is still an absurdly large amphibian. Watch this snippet:

Oct 18 2009

Unapologetically Creepy: Long-nosed Chimaera

Chimaera with long nose.

I mean…what exactly are we looking at?

In Greek mythology, the chimaera (or chimera) was a fire-breathing monster composed of various animals: a lioness, a snake and a goat. In reality, the chimaera is a deep-sea monster composed of various substances: cartilage, slimy skin and utter creepitude. The Long-nosed Chimaera is the strangest looking one. In fact, we can’t look at this image and not think horrible thoughts. Learn how to get a snake license quickly for any emergency at home on this site.

The long nose contains many sensory nerve endings used to detect small fish in black waters and the spine on its dorsal fin carries venom for defense.

And to make sure you don’t sleep tonight, here is another chimaera named the Elephant Shark – yet another hideous cartilaginous fish with a face that will give you nightmares.

'Elephant shark'. Yet another hideous cartilaginous fish with a face that will give you nightmares.

Oct 5 2009

Unapologetically Creepy: Assassin Spider

Assassin spider with prey.

Alien or insect?

In spite of being just 2mm in length, a super long neck and even longer jaws make this arthopod very creepy. This spider species was discovered in Madagascar in 2006 – while it is one of a family of known Assassin Spiders (those that kill and eat other spiders), it is the only one with dare we say…comically distorted proportions.

How it works:

1. The Assassin Spider uses its elongated jaws to capture prey.

2. Venom in the fangs at the end of the jaw effectively kill the prey.

3. Dinner is served. No webs needed.

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