Creepy Animals

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Nov 9 2009

Rare: Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo. And this is why they live underground.

The Pink Fairy Armadillo is one part warm fuzzy, one part cold prickly. The plates of armor-like skin protect this lilliputian armadillo species (~4 inches) against abrasion whilst digging underground, where it spends nearly all of its time. The supremely creepy animal is currently endangered in central Argentina, where it is found.

they are sooo cute i cant belive i have never seen them before!!

Cutest little critter!

Looks Like A Guinea Pig With Armor On Its Back And Claws Stuck On It.

It eats toes

i want one sooo bad

Their extinct

They are not extinct, Sam but you certainly don’t want one for a pet. They carry leprosy.

i hafta to a project on this animal.. & its wierd.

I never knew that the pink fairy was an armadillo

It looks like a Narnia animal -wearing its armor!

Let me tend the rabbits george, i’ll feed them alfalfa.

I seriously thought this was a joke. this is one of the most freakiest things i’ve ever seen O_0