Creepy Animals

…they're really interesting.

Nov 14 2009

Red Uakari Monkey

Bald Uakari monkey.

Dude. It's called sunscreen. SPF 45 at least.

This creepy animal looks as if it dunked its face in a vat of scalding water. Or maybe it took a 12-hour nap in the sun. Actually it’s a Red Uakari – a monkey that dwells in the moist jungles of Brazil, Peru and the Amazon River basin. The burned look comes from a lack of skin pigments and plentiful capillaries beneath the facial tissue. The Red Uakari population has dwindled by 30% over the past 30 years due to large-scale logging that greatly reduces their range.

Bald Uakari with red face.

Caught red-faced.