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Nov 21 2009

Extremes: the Smallest Horse Ever

Smallest horse in the world.

"I shall call him...MiniMe."

Seriously. This is every little girl’s wish come true – a real, live My Little Pony.

Minus the rainbow explosion of color, disproportionately large eyes and endless silky tail. Fine, it’s My Little Pony – the Creepy Animals edition. This diminutive horse – appropriately named Thumbelina – is a miniature of a miniature – she’s a dwarf Miniature Horse! The teensy creature┬áis just 17 inches high and 60 pounds – barely larger than most dogs and supposedly much more feisty.

Thumbelina on Wikipedia

I want one!! But how would I ride it?

oh my gosh i want one too. its just too adorable. i would love it and pet and and call it my squishy!lol just kidiing but seriously though where can i get on1!

I would like to know more about this particular horse.