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Sep 17 2010

Unapologetically Creepy: Cyclocosmia Spider

Cyclocosmia trapdoor spider.

The trap door spider = abomination of mother Earth and scourge of the insect world.

Cyclocosmia trapdoor spider bottom.

Wow. Seriously, Nature? You've really outdone yourself with this spider.

Love strange creatures? Hungry for more? Try this recipe for the creepalicious Cyclocosmia Spider:

– 1 small size spider
– 1/2 fresh coconut, flesh removed
– 1 large ancient Andean coin
– secrets

Directions: Select a location in the Florida Panhandle. In a large hole, combine ingredients and let sit for awhile. Carefully remove top soil. The Cyclocosmia Spider should be firm to touch and ready to scare the bejesus out of you. Serves 1.


Not sure if you’re aware, but that isn’t how all trapdoor spiders look. This one specifically had its abdomen cut in half; the cool/creepy blood “coin” look is its exposed inards.

No, dude, look it up. That’s how this particular species actually looks on a day to day basis.

@ Jack
this particular species always has this coin-like feature.

I hate to be that guy… but spiders aren’t insects.

I hate to correct that guy, but it says they are the scourge of insects, not that they are insects themselves.

Ewwwww get it the hell away ….Shivers !!!!!!

BURN IT!!!!!!!

I hate to correct to That Guy, but the tag says they are under the category insects.