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Oct 3 2010

Animal Anomaly: Turtles with Constricted Shells

Turtle shell constricted by plastic milk jug ring.

Milk jug ring: the real no-diet diet.

These two turtles experienced a different kind of plastic surgery.¬†When they were wee turtlettes, they crawled through plastic waste that stuck to their small shells, holding them captive to the ring’s circumference and inhibiting proper growth. As they got older, their exoskeletons amazingly grew around the plastic rings! Man messes with Nature. Nature messes with Man.

Obligatory PSA: Cut plastic rings before discarding. Prevent yet another turtle from turning into a creepy animal:

Turtle shell constricted by plastic soda can rings.

Another method of controlling one's waistline.

Corset turtle hates humanity, and can’t eat anything but peas.

As a six-year old, I told my grandma about the dangers of plastic six-pack rings. She bought a lot of Sprite back then. Because she’s a sweet and conscientious old lady, she’s been snipping six-pack rings every since. I’m thirty now. Grandma’s awesome.

What is the restraining item in the first pic of the snapper? Is it a ring from a plastic milk jug?

That poor turtle.


I just had to agree with you. I did the same thing with my grandma. When I told her about the six-pack rings as a child, I remember seeing her cut up those rings to be no larger than 1 inch pieces. It was a bit excessive, but she would never hurt anything, and I suppose she didn’t want to take any chances.

I still make sure I cut up rings of plastic – whatever they may be – before they are thrown away.

I like to tear up those plastic rings by hand and pretend I am the hulk. ECO UNFRIENDLINESS MAKE HULK MAD! HULK IS GREEN!

challenge: fold six rings in a way such that, one cout will eliminate all threats. // is this poosible?

Not cutting them up and throwing them in the trash won’t hurt any turtles.

Throwing them outside at your party at the lake will hurt turtles.

I feel sorry for the poor thing. How can it breathe?