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Oct 18 2010

Creature of the Deep: Japanese Spider Crab

Man holding largest Spider Crab in the world.

It would look even better next to a bowl of melted butter.

Crabs are some of the most delectable creatures the ocean has to offer. And just in time to ruin your day, we bring you the Japanese Spider Crab – the creepiest and largest of edible crustacean treats.

These behemoth crabs feed on shellfish and animal carcasses on the sea floor in deep waters near Japan. They are considered a culinary delicacy. Mmm…detritus never tasted so good.

Also to note is that Japanese Spider Crabs can grow to over 12 feet and may live up to 100 years. The terrifyingly tasty morsel in the photo above isn’t even all that big. This crab below was featured in Popular Science in 1920 and measures 12 feet claw to claw:

Biggest spider crab in museum.

Holy crab! Look at those meaty legs!


i have arachniphobia however you spell it im afraid of spiders and i know this is not a spider but when i saw it i was like WHAT THE F**CK THATS CREEPY

Guuuurrrrrllll work those legs!

Stop killing the spider crab you poacher!don’t you know it is endangered?!