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Feb 22 2010

Unapologetically Creepy: Tongue-eating Parasite

Parasite on fish tongue.

Say hello to my little friend.

If this isn’t a creepy animal, then we may as well close shop. The Tongue-eating Parasite is an absolutely repulsive crustacean that truly lives up to its name. It enters through a fish’s gills, then latches onto the host’s tongue. Once fully secure, the parasite gorges on the blood supply. In due time the tongue shrinks to nothing and the parasite literally replaces it, carrying on as a functioning ‘tongue’. The gluttony continues – with its prime location in the mouth, the parasite continues to consume whatever comes its way, like blood, mucus, foodstuffs. Mmmmm.

Tongue eating parasite in hand.

This 'site isn't for everyone.

Photo via Fishing Fury

I LOVE this site.

Hello. I live here. CREEEEPY! I’m scurred.

Okay, I’m officially disgusted. Good job. Thanks. =)

yeah it will take alot more than this to scare me and ive been going through the whole site… although thats gross i dont think its very frightening

That is seriously the most disgusting thing EVER!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!

I saw this on a show and I think it grabs on to the fishes tongue and it is just wierd

Muy interesante gracias se les agradese.

It’s not a crustacean it is an Isopod. Same as woodlouse.

Jamie, Isopod is a form of crustacean

I think it’s cute :O