Creepy Animals

…they're really interesting.

Feb 26 2010

Surinam Toad

Surinam toad in captivity.

Hot toady.

Want a flat stomach and amazing skin? Give up on the detox diet and take a hint from the Surinam Toad. It’s super-thin and has an incredible dermis.

The spongy loose skin on its back is a fantastic medium to host embryos. Its eggs are embedded onto the back skin! After implantation, the eggs form pockets in the skin, which ends up looking like a honeycomb. Inside the skin, the eggs turn to tadpoles, and tadpoles into tiny frogs. Eventually, they emerge from their mother’s back as tiny Surinam Toadlets.

We know, it’s a creepy animal – but it’s doing something right.

Surinam Toad with eggs.

Baby got back. And back got babies.

Wait! There’s more! Watch the toadlets ‘hatch’ from their mother’s skin below. Guaranteed to creep you out!

Photo above via Aqua Pets Plus

man thats just weird i dont think i can take my eyes off the screen though! lol

I have nightmares about this sort of thing happening with my pores.

Absolutely discusting.