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Feb 16 2010

Coconut Crab

Coconut crab on garbage.

They don't call them scavengers for nothing.

The Coconut Crab‘s got swagger. This crustacean lives in paradise in the coastal forests of the Indo-Pacific islands and has been known to ‘steal’ shiny objects such as silverware and pots. What a life.

The Coconut Crab also lives up to its name – it can crack open a coconut with its massive pincers. Can it also pour in a shot of rum and pop in a straw? Someday we hope to come across a Cocktail Crab…

Photo via letterdash

Cocktail crab! hahahaha! Tres clever!

When the time comes to find a cocktail crab i want to be the first to test its skills on drink mixing.. He can be my personal bartender!lol

We have these all the time on my private island, they don’t make cocktails, but they do make great dinner!

the coconut crap cannot crack a coconut with its pinches, it repeatedly climbs the tree and drops the coconut until it opens,

what is that doing.

I do not know about the drink but I know who empties the trash cans!)) And do not be afraid of my English, I just write in google)

The crab’s thoughts: “Leftover… pizza… must… reach!”

lokks like it’s gumbo time! YUM YUM!!!