Creepy Animals

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Oct 23 2009

Unapologetically Creepy: Chinese Giant Salamander

Chinese Giant Salamander held by man.


Slimy things aren’t supposed to be this big. And yet here is the Chinese Giant Salamander, which can reach almost 6 feet in length. If Creepy Animals had a rating system, this would probably hover at 90%.

There is also a Japanese Giant Salamander. Though it is smaller than the Chinese version, it is still an absurdly large amphibian. Watch this snippet:

Well i always knew the china japan were ploting to bring Godzilla back!lol

I bet you could catch a big fish with that baby

ahhh so big lizard…. me scareeeed of reptigers lol sammy davis jr woo. next stop voodoo voom vroom elswhere. falcon chip nostrile burger neeeeeemetoid squander ponder under water sonburn calamari old gutari had a rock and named it ari. ant catch me i dont pee salamander let me be. casual convolsions unexpecter explosions aint no room for guns and roses

what a beautiful creature! I would love to spend time near more of them

WOW! That is really BIG!! i would be SOOOO scared to be where those things live! I’ll just stick to the little guys! lol:)

Oh, it’s so sad that their habitat is slowly, but surely, disappearing.:( It would be fun to visit their habitat and study these wonderful amphibians made by our Creator God. It amazes me that He has SO MUCH creativity to create these marvelous creatures.

eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww……….. I can’t touch SALAMDER!!!!

That was so cute i would love to see there habitat

How could you call those salamanders creepy? Those salamanders are awesome!

The only creepy animal I see here is the CRETIN who can’t leave such peaceful and inoffensive animals alone.

MAN is fucking creepy, this you can be sure of.