Creepy Animals

…they're really interesting.

Dec 15 2009

Unapologetically Creepy: Star-nosed Mole

Star-nosed Mole.

Smells like creepy.

Imagine: Wolverine-style claws implanted on your XXL paddle-shaped hands, beady eyes buried deep in your matted fur, and…22 fleshy pink tentacles surrounding your nostrils. Sounds creepy? Very. Just a day in the life of the Star-nosed Mole.

I think that star nosed-mole discrimination should be put to sleep once and for all, if you forget the hideous nose and the manky claws, its a very beautfiul creature

I found one once and picked it up by the scruff and it proceeded to cry and sounded JUST like a baby crying! Now that was creepy! (I felt bad and let it go right after. 🙂