Creepy Animals

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Oct 18 2009

Unapologetically Creepy: Long-nosed Chimaera

Chimaera with long nose.

I mean…what exactly are we looking at?

In Greek mythology, the chimaera (or chimera) was a fire-breathing monster composed of various animals: a lioness, a snake and a goat. In reality, the chimaera is a deep-sea monster composed of various substances: cartilage, slimy skin and utter creepitude. The Long-nosed Chimaera is the strangest looking one. In fact, we can’t look at this image and not think horrible thoughts. Learn how to get a snake license quickly for any emergency at home on this site.

The long nose contains many sensory nerve endings used to detect small fish in black waters and the spine on its dorsal fin carries venom for defense.

And to make sure you don’t sleep tonight, here is another chimaera named the Elephant Shark – yet another hideous cartilaginous fish with a face that will give you nightmares.

'Elephant shark'. Yet another hideous cartilaginous fish with a face that will give you nightmares.

Both of these creatures are fantastically creeptacular… but there is something in their eyes that also screams innocent and wary

I will not be able to take a bath now, thanks to Chimaera nightmares.

It almost looks as if it has a membrane wall on its outer skin, I think that this may just may be something in the dark blue I noticed its pupils were dialated 4X of normal sea life. Hmmmmm I really would like to know what what it is and why it the way it is.

I found this on and thought I’d take a look. I didn’t realize I’d be taking a look into HELL!

WEIRD!!! Yet sooo cool!! Sick yo!

man thats one long nose! he must have a hell of a time with all the fishy smells down there! love the creep factor!lol

the second isnt called a elephant shark its called a elephant fish or the ploughnose chimaera 😉 x

I do not know whether this picture is a hoax, but I can say that there could be somthing down there like that. I would say that if real it could possibly be a specific species of ghost shark. But what do I know LOL!!!

they are one of the relatives of modern day sharks along with rays and skates

See THIS is why i don’t swim in ANY open water because we don’t know whats down there !!!!

Ilove deep sea creatures but their very dangerous

all i have to say is….. wow

Hence the word “chimenea” perhaps – I have a chimenae in my garden … a fire pit ?