Creepy Animals

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Oct 18 2009

Creature of the Deep: Frilled Shark

Rare Frilled shark swimming.

This is one no-frills fish.

Very little is known about the ancient, eel-like Frilled Shark. It dwells 600-1000 feet underwater and has rarely been seen. But we understand. This thing is U-G-L-Y. We wouldn’t leave the depths of any ocean looking like this.

Frilled shark with gills. dire need of a makeover.

This species has changed very little since prehistoric times and it certainly shows. Six large gills protrude beyond the wide-set jaw like a swollen wound. An uneven, tattered tail + milky eyes complete the look.

yikes. what’s with it’s teeth?

mani wouldnt want to meet this thing face to face. it would most likely tear me apart with those teeth they look like the edge of a tattered saw!

Apparently this shark was caught in Japan and was transferred to a Marine park there. Where it died hours after it was caught. Sad really.

wow the frilled shark is so creepy!

can i say that the frilled shark is creepy!

What the heck is that?!should it be frilliy?

I would to have this as a pet in my basement. :}