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Oct 14 2009

Extremes: the Hairy Frog

Hairy frog.


Just in time for Halloween, we give you a truly creepy animal: the Horror Hairy Frog from Cameroon. Not only are the bristly skin appendages truly unsightly, this amphibian also has a nasty little trick up its hands. Through a bizarre twist of evolution, the Hairy Frog literally breaks its own bones as a defense mechanism.

How it works:

1. Hairy Frog is threatened.

2. Hairy Frog breaks its tiny finger bones, puncturing the toe pad skin: Exhibit A.

3. Hairy Frog effectively creates claws, made of bone: Exhibit B.

4. Hairy Frog can now defend itself, or at least clamor away from a potentially deadly situation. Everyone is creeped out.

Hairy frog claw.

(Ex. A) Just got them claws did.

Hairy frog bones.

(Ex. B) Tiny frog hand. Bones piercing through it. WTF?

I want one

What is this I don’t even… It’s like a friggin’… Werewolf frog. O-o With zombie-like abilities that just make you go WTF

Bone claws when threatened? This frog should be called the “Wolverine Frog” 😀

Fu abomination … that they began to evolve ?!)))

Yeah, like wolverine only scarier because IT’S A FREAKING FROG.

this thing is werid amjen how many time u would need to break ur fingers and when u get attct and u try to break them again….. OUCHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!