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May 26 2010

Animal Anomaly: One-eyed Kitten

Kitten with one eye on blanket.

Another example of the creepy-cute paradox? The evidence is before your eyes.

It was 2005 in Redmond, Oregon. Late one cold December night, a small kitten was born with just one eye, no nose and no eyelid. He was christened Cy (short for Cyclops) and passed away just one day later. Cy’s unique appearance was caused by a form of holoprosencephaly, a brain development disorder that can cause cyclopia — the failure of eyes to properly separate.

Its a shame how somethng so amazing can be presented to us then stripped away with in a matter of moments! I just wish the world would look at creatures as such monstrosities instead of a miracle and a form of beauty in nature. Some things just go underappreciated. And at times like this in our day and age we shouldnt take things so extremely and look at them with such horror… B/c god know what kind of things the future is wiling to throw at us!

P.S. My regards to Little Cy he dint deserve the short span of life he had! :'(

All my regards
Rebecca McMillan

RIP Cy, you would’ve made a great lolcat.

what a creepy thing!!! i wont be able to sleep for about a month brrrr!!! ho that’s so so so so way creepier than me seing my math teacher in a shower

poor thing! it didnt even say if it was a boy or a girl! lets just hope no other kittens are born like poor little cy with only a day to live! how terible! 🙁

Poor thing. nothing shud be treated like that! ooohhhh!!!! wat a sad day…..

eww that look wroug

What happens if you woke up and that cat was looking at you right in the eyes.

Let’s hope there’s more cats like this. ONLY with a longer life span.

I think Cy would have rather died than been part of a freak show, beng gawked at by children all day…

hey to all u people. Cy waz and still iz amazing. Dont judge him just because of how he looks. U might b the retarded 1 one day cos of a serious accident. Would u like it if were ever u went people screamed: “dear god, that thing (you) is retarded”? Well?

Rip 2 Cy may what u had as a life have been a good 1.
A fellow cat
Yours 4 eva Kat

im very sorry for cy, -.- God bless the poor thing

’tis really a misery to see kittens die just after they’re born. Any kitten is so adorable whatever be their shade.

Augh! I clicked the link to cyclopia wikipedia article and what has been seen can’t be unseen… That deformed baby will haunt me for some time now.

To everybody who thinks this is creepy and doesn’t care…They r sick sick people. Nobody wants to share the shame fate as poor little cy. So STOP CALLING HIM CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cy, You are adorable in you’re own way. May you rest in peace (RIP)

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