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Jun 14 2010

Chinese Water Deer

Chinese Water Deer with fangs.

Deer Xing? proudly presents the Chinese Water Deer. Cue images of an asian Bambi, prancing around tall reeds, munching on sweet grasses, swimming in rivers and kissing toadstools. Closeup on those doe eyes…wait! What are those fangs doing there? Nobody said this was vampire horror!

It isn’t, but close. In times of defense, the weapon of choice for the Chinese Water Deer is not antlers (it has none), rather it’s two downward pointing canines. While its name suggests a presence in China, an introduced population in Britain puts those suckers to good use.

Many thanks to Lauren, who emailed us with this exemplary specimen of creepy.

Thoughtful editorial choice in light of the True Blood season premier.

holler. team chinese water deer.

on another note they aren’t fangs but tusks because they’ve adapted to not grow antlers as they would cause the deer to be clumsy while running through the forest.

those really don’t look right on the deer it sure doesn’t look like our white-tail-deer down here

Shut up Rob this isn’ t amateur science hour. Fangs, tusks…Who cares? They’re cool.