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Oct 12 2009

Animal Anomaly: Pink Dolphin!

Pink dolphin.

This is the stuff dreams are made of.

When we were young, we would obsess over all kinds of fantastical animals – unicorns, rainbow glitter butterflies and pink dolphins. Looks like one of them is for real. This gorgeous specimen was first seen in 2007 ┬áin a Louisiana estuary, just north of the Gulf of Mexico. It is actually an albino and has the red eyes of the devil…but we prefer to call it pink and giggle at the thought of it flipping around in paradise.

This anomaly is not to be confused with the pink dolphin species that lives in the Orinoco rivers in the Amazon – note the difference in the shape of the beak:

Amazon river pink dolphin.

Also pink. Kind of.

I loves that pinky. looks like a marshmallow!

this is awsome PINK!!PINK!!!!!!

Aren’t the Amazon dolphins considered extinct, now? D:

second one looks like it needs a little scrubbing then it will turn perfect pink like first….
amazing creature…