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Oct 12 2009

Creature of the Deep: Yeti Crab

Yeti crab arms.

Yeti, finally captured!

What’s long and white and has bristles all over? A bottle brush! Just kidding. It’s the Yeti Crab.┬áThis little creature was found deep underwater in the hydrothermal vent ecosystem of the mid-ocean ridges near Easter Island. The Yeti Crab eats mussels on the sea floor, but also uses the bristles on its long arms to host colonies of specialized bacteria, possibly as another source of food.

We think this pear-shaped crustacean looks rather like a tick – but an adorable one if there is such a thing. There is no doubt, however, that it resembles this depiction of a Yeti:

Yeti movie.

He looks quite warm in the snow. The Yeti that is.

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Im not sure of the name of the fish ( its found after decompression ) it also had long hairs to grab its prey. What depth was the creature found at?

That yeti is alos out of the movie “The Mummy: The dragon Emperor”

Hi foreign friends) that swill hairy crap called Kiwa, yes it is from the movie yeti mummy last part)

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