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Oct 3 2009

Creature of the Deep: Goblin Shark

Goblin shark teeth.

This creature has needle-like teeth and a jaw that swoops out. Prey = doomed.

This strange, goblinesque shark uses it’s protrusible jaw to snap up fish. The photo above shows the shark with the jaw extended out. Otherwise, the jaws tuck in and the shark appears to have a triangular head and long nose. Regardless, the Goblin Shark is by far the creepiest of all sharks, and we’ve seen quite a few oddities in the deep, dark waters where it lives. Read more here.

For that jaw-swooping action, check out this video:

Goblin Shark displays jaw extensions in slow-mo. Cut to :23

The goblin shark has always been a terrifying creature but infact the goblin shark is one of the least terrifying things in the deep, and their going extinct.

Poor thing looks deformed lol

jeese that lookes worse than just deformed, i think he might be falling into peices.

Very nice shark!))