Creepy Animals

…they're really interesting.

Feb 9 2010


White Cuscus on tree.

Mnaw. Now isn't that precious?

Have the urge to hug this soft, fuzzy creature? Fight it. TheĀ Cuscus is more than an Australasian, nocturnal marsupial. It is downright creepy for the following reasons:

1. Possesses hands with sets of opposable fingers, similar to a chameleon’s. Heinous fingernails top it off.

2. Facial features reminiscent of accounts of extra-terrestrial sightings – large eyes, triangular face, barely visible ears, etc.

3. Has a name that sounds like a Moroccan dish.

Cuscus eating.

Starfruit and Spotted Cuscus. Excellent combination.

Photo via Ozanimals.

Watch the Creepycreepy Cuscus:

one of my absolute favourite animals