Creepy Animals

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Aug 3 2011

Goliath Tigerfish

Goliath tier fish caught

Now open wide...


Goliath tiger fish with large teeth.

Just a little wider...


Goliath tiger fish mouth open with sharp teeth.

That's it.

Grows like goliath, hunts like a tiger and swims like a fish. The Goliath Tigerfish lurks the waters of the Congo River system and several other lakes in southern Africa. This fish is remarkably adept at swimming and killing due in part to an air-filled sac in its body that allows it to detect vibrations from animals in the water. Those razorsharp spikes in its mouth may also help the cause.

Many thanks to dear reader John C. for shoring up this goliath creepy animal.

Very nice Goliath:- )

Kill it with fire! O_o

those teeth…. it’s so scary, i’m gonna die .
by the way, it’s edible right ??

makes jaws look like a mouse x love it x

The information’s all wrong! It’s actually called a nopefish. It can be found in the I’ll Never Go There rivers in Screwthatistan.

There are worse things in the waters – like old men wearing blue speedos

Ian… That is so very true… ._.

AARRGH!!this fish is dangerous and has razor sharp teeth!

Wow, that’s avery scary little fish.
Nice catch.. Good Job!

that is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!