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Aug 15 2011

Metallic Beetles

Super shiny gold and silver beetles

Shine on.

These radiant gold and silver beetles (Chrysina aurigans [left] and Chrysina limbata [right]) live in the dense rainforests of Costa Rica. And they’re gorgeous. We only wish we could wear precious metals from head to toe. Shamefully, these insects actually use their reflective bodies to hide amid vegetation by replicating shiny surfaces like beads of water.

What? How? Why?

The beetle’s wings manipulates light. According to NewScientist, ‘Light travels at different speeds through each of the 70 or so layers of exoskeletal chitin. Part of the light is reflected off each layer, and the intensity of the reflections is amplified as they constructively interfere with one another, creating an opulent sheen.’

Photo via Eduardo Libby. Want more bling? We do too:

Shiny blue beetles on leaf.

The lustrous blue of the Green Dock Beetle.

Photo via MObugs

Green metallic scarab beetle on flowers.

The green sheen of the Metallic Scarab Beetle.

Photo via What’s That Bug

Iridescent metallic beetle on flower.

The iridescent opalescence of Chrysolina Fastuosa.

Photo via Jaap Polak

Purple metallic beetle eating leaf.

The glitzy gloss of the Purple Metallic Beetle.

Photo via

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