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Feb 2 2012

Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko

Satanic leaf-tailed gecko on branch.

The devil wears leaves.


Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko on branch.

Okay maybe one leaf.


Leaf-tailed gecko tail.

Tails from the creep.

The Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko is endemic to Madagascar and is a master of disguise amongst foliage. One of many leaf-tailed gecko varieties, the Satanic version has horn-like formations on its head and often comes with red eyes. Madagascariffic!

Photos via DailyMail, Flickriver

Why does it have to be a “Satanic”Leaf Tailed Gecko. Is that is common or registered name? I simply cannot see the Satanic part connected. Why would it be called that is that due to the behavior or superstition?

I agree with you Dessi, it is an unfair name. He is delightful, as all geckos are and amazing to behold. God’s divine creation!

Tutto giusto Dessi e Tina, d’altronde anche Satana è una creatura divina checché ne dicano

“has horn-like formations on its head and often comes with red eyes .

Reminds me of the Kuhli flying gecko. Geckos in general are just adorable

I love animals, all kinds, shapes, colors, and names. I can’t seem to turn one down when I have enough room for him.. I so enjoy decorating the islands, but only started soon before I went to the hospital, so have just begun.. It is so interesting in reading about them, their habits, eating times, and if they remain with only one partner for life or not. All are so interesting!! God made each with it;s own particulars and no two alike.. THANKS for sharing them..I had seen some here before I would like to have, but cannot find them now. 🙁 Have a blessed evening and great rest of the week..

I would love to have one of these little guys at home!!!!! I wonder if its leafy tail falls off if he gets scared like other Gekos!

Mary Barrick

Why is it that you see pictures of this gecko with wings and not like these pictures at all?