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Jan 21 2013


Red-lipped batfish underwater.

Red-lipped Batfish

We know it’s not a bat, but does this really qualify as a fish? The Batfish has uniquely creepy pectoral and pelvic fins that let it “walk” across the seafloor.

Similar to anglerfishes, batfishes lure in small edibles like shrimp, worms and fish using a wriggle-ready appendage on their nose that acts just like a fishing rod. About 60 species of batfishes walk / swim the waters deep.

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Roughback batfish on sea floor

Roughback Batfish


polkadot batfish fish with feet

Polkadot Batfish


Longnose batfish.

Longnose Batfish – top view


Longnose batfish on ocean floor

Longnose Batfish – side view


Louisiana pancake batfish top view

Louisiana Pancake Batfish – top view

pancake batfish flat fish swimming

Louisiana Pancake Batfish – pancake view

Photos via Flickr, FlickrMarco News, Wikipedia, Diving Tank JPNat GeoASU,


YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!that’s yucky EVER!!!this louisiana pancake batfish sure is disgusting

The Batfish is a beautiful fish that deserves to be appreciated. To everyone on this page that is calling the Batfish ‘yucky’, you need to rethink your life and hatred towards this beautiful animal. (And get some better grammar. Is yucky the best you could do?) All of the different kinds of Batfish are important to ecosystems all over the world and deserve to be loved, just like any other fish.