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Jun 12 2013

Striped Hyena

Striped Hyena with crest of hair

Party in the back...

Grab a wolf, a mohawk, a zebra and your imagination, then conjure up a creepy animal. Voila! The Striped Hyena. This small hyena species roams the lands of North and East Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Though a nocturnal scavenger by trade, the Striped Hyena has been known to hunt small prey. Despite its nighttime-only activities, humans have insisted on interfering with the hyena population. Today, fewer than 10,000 Striped Hyenas exist, earning them the ‘threatened’ badge. We feel threatened just looking these photos. Makes our hair stand on end.

Striped Hyena with hair in face.

Business in the front...

Striped Hyena facing the camera

Hope to never face this face. Goodbyena.


Photos via Bless Chaos, Yuku, AnimalSpot

That is not creepy. That is absolutely adorable.

How about the Sarcastic Fringehead?

We miss you, creepy animals!

Why it looks so stripy?

I would add a blob fish to your collection. They are awesome humanish blobs and you can find PLENTY of pictures hanging around the internet.
Thanks, it would be a great addition!

Come back!!!!! I miss this blog with all my heart 🙁

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