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Jan 29 2010

Animal Anomaly: Two-toned Lobster

Lobster with two colors.

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This Two-toned Lobster was caught by a lobster fisherman in Maine a few years ago. The color split is the result of a simple abnormality – half the shell lacks the blue pigment. We love this specimen so much because it looks as if it is half-cooked:

  • Brown = raw, live crustacean ready to take off your finger
  • Orange = tasty morsels ready to be dipped in melted butter

Fortunately, the Two-toned Lobster now lives in an aquarium for all to gawk at. It has been noted that the odds of finding a two-toned lobster is approximately 1 in 50 million.

ill take my chances and EAT the whole thing. this 50/50 creepy crawler looks 100% D – LICIOUS!!

Man i wouldnt mind sinking my teeth into al nice morsel like him! lol but man thats just one amazing creeper!

This lobster appears to be what is known as a chimera. S/he likely has 2 sets of DNA within, causing the half blue pigmented/half non pigmented appearance. This sort of thing occurs moderately often with people, often with the line straight down the middle like Lobstey, here. 🙂

i think the deformity has made the lobster looking very nice

cute deformity