Creepy Animals

…they're really interesting.

Jan 26 2010

Rare: Purple Frog

Purple frog.

They finally caught the purp.

The Purple Frog was officially ‘discovered’ by scientists in 2003 in the Western Ghats region in India. This species is rare mainly because it is rarely seen – it devotes much of the year living 13 feet underground burrowing for termites.  The Purple Frog only comes to the surface two weeks a year during monsoon season to mate and scare the hell out of the non-locals.

Characteristics: purple skin, squat bloated corpus, beady eyes, snubbed nose, and generally creepy:

Purple frog on ground.

Top view.

this is the most fucking beautiful creature ive seen.

i am absolutely amazed and awed by this animal it shouldnt even be considered a creature of this world…. HOLY CRUD I LOVE ITTT!!!!!!!!