Creepy Animals

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Mar 7 2010


Baby Tapir.

Mnaw. Look at the cute little...uh, wait what is that?

Congratulations! It’s a new baby Tapir! This animal is neither Pig nor Rhinoceros nor Elephant – but it is most certainly creepy. Tapirs resemble pigs with four toes and a truncated elephant nose. Their prehensile proboscis serves them well – they’re able to reach foliage otherwise unattainable. These herbivores can be found in the jungles of South/Central America and Southeast Asia though you may encounter some difficulty – all 4 species are currently endangered.


They grow up so fast!

Many thanks to dear reader Ming for suggesting such a fine addition to this menagerie of creepy.

This site is amazing! Thanks! My boyfriend found it searching for “armadillo” on the web.

Greetings from Spain.

ok i have officially found a web that i can honestly say i love!! i found it looking for german animals and first found a giant rabbit( i also commented on that as well ) and then was amazed ny the rest of these amazing creatures!

omg thank you so much for making this site real!!!

I want one 😀

thanx alot ………… i can tell my friends what type of animal they hunt in Apocalypto (movie) in the start 🙂 …….. thnx once again …..from pakistan

Asta e Andreea Tonciu =))))

I dunno if it’s cause I’m brazilian, but I don’t think tapirs are creepy, haha!

PS.: Great site 🙂