Creepy Animals

…they're really interesting.

Jan 25 2011


Binturong on tree.

This is just rong.

You know something’s up when you’re smelling a fresh bag of piping hot microwave popcorn in the middle of a steamy rainforest in Southeast Asia. Chances are you’re near a Binturong, a civet-like animal that dwells in the forest canopy eating fruit and small animals.

The Binturong has scent glands near its tail that produce a musk often compared to ‘warm buttered popcorn,’ corn chips and cornbread. Who’s hungry now?

dog feet also smell like corn chips…i know this sounds really weird to know, but next time you are around a dog, smell it’s foot.

I have wanted a binturong for so long! Give me that asian bear cat!

RUDE! he is not rong. ive had personal time with chip the binturong at serenity springs wildlife refuge CO and he did not smell of corn chips. he was very cute like mutiple animals mixed into one body and he loves marshmellows. they are marvelous animals. But i know what you mean my dog, not only do her feet but she sometimes smells like a dorito. HAHA