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Jan 20 2011

Underwater Curiosities: Blanket Octopus

Blanket octopus swimming in the ocean.

Under a veil of creepiness, an octopus swims.

The allure of the unique Blanket Octopus is its poetic defense mechanism. When the Blanket Octopus is threatened, a gorgeous scarf-like webbing unfurls from a set of arms tucked within its body, making the animal appear large, intimidating and creepy to potential predators.

Snooze. We’d rather see a blast of jet-black ink in the face. Who’s with us?

Blanket octopus underwater and upside down.

This would totally go with that new blazer I just bought.

Watch the blanket in action, accompanied by proper English voiceover work:

Amazing animal, Irish voice over. Pierce Brosnan

It’s really just not the same without David Attenborough :p

Snooze?! When these guys are only BABIES they’re already ripping tentacles off of Portuguese men-of-war to use as weapons! Unfurling a “flag” uses less resources than ink (can’t suck that ink back up), so I think they’re just speaking softly and carrying big sticks (of toxic “jellyfish” poison).

It looks like Voldemort flying. Amazing.

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