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Oct 12 2009

Extremes: the Grey German Giant Rabbit

Giant German Grey Rabbit.

Aesop would disapprove.

Behold, the Giant Rabbit. Carl Szmolinsky of Germany breeds these monster bunnies that are literally the size of a dog. No matter how many times we look at photos of these giant rabbits, they never cease to amaze us with their massive size.

Giant German Rabbit breeder.

This particular specimen might be larger than a first grader.

Now let’s compare to regular rabbits – note the striking difference in ear size:

Giant German Rabbit next to normal rabbit.

This is just ridiculous.

this is a little over done! the “regular rabbit” in the picture is a black otter netherland DWARF so its not the size of a “regular” rabbit its a mini

Thank you for pointing this out, dearest reader. The video from which this photo was snagged was in German!

Iam interested in learning more about rabbits. iam keeping rabbits as i work with the ministry of livestock. this one amazed me because the ones we keep are different breeds and smaller. please you can contact me in my email and preferably if i can get a sponsor i would appreciate very much thank you. the rabbit in the photo i love it.

i live in australia and would love to get my own giant rabbit is there anywhere here that i can get one i love there size etc thanks

belinda, as far as i know, i think rabbit itself devastated australia’s wildlife & ecosystem. i wonder what a GIANT one would do to australia.


one of my friend in Australia said rabbit is a good business.were can i get a breed & how much it cost. By the way I’m from Philippines and I’m interested on how to breed a rabbit

Marlo soriano

EASTERBUNNY. you stole him!

The giant rabbits are not bred as pets but as food. It’s sad but true. 🙁
They also use the pelts and hair of the rabbit to make clothing but mainly they are bred for their meat which is sold to restaurants for a good price (I think worldwide).

So if you order rabbit at the fancy restaurant it just might not be freshly hunted wild rabit, it just might be the meat from a giant rabbit.

i know its horrible:(
I’m getting my own rabbit and it is soo cute:)

WOW THATS A HUGE BUNNY!!! LOL. Well then i guess we know where the easter bunny pawns off his spawn. And i agree that using them for food is sad but some people think its one of the best meats out there. Very paining to see but also inevitably true!!! 🙁 Well at least now i know what i have to deal with when i go to my homeland,(never been there before) I might have to lay off the carrots for a while huh! lol

P.S. I must commend you on your breeding skills hes huge!

Yours truly
Rebecca McMillan 😉

if you look at the angle of the photos it makes you wonder if the rabbit is actually so huge. obviously it’s big, but the breeder is careful to hold it far in front of him to make the rabbit look as big as possible.
also, although some of these rabbits are probably bred for food, the ones bred by this man are used in competitions, there’s a documentary by mark dolan that features this man, and this rabbit has won various “big bunny” competitions.

In the first picture, the man’s hand is very large. Now, he could just have that big of hands, or maybe the picture is photoshopped? My guess is the second, because I’ve never seen such a large watch!

I will like to know more about german gaint rabbit. The feed formulation,adaptive feature,it’s thermocomfort and thermoneutra zone of the animal.

ooooommmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggg i can not belive this maaaaaan

I am impressed by the size and I do know that rabbits are a very good source of proteins.I would love to rear such large ones for commercial food purposes. How can I source three youngs ones from you.Please give me an indication of the feeding rations as well.

this is the largest rabbit i have ever seen. i would like to have one of my own. i wander if that is even possible to get one and send it here to me in Texas.

photo shoped

what hav you ben fiding it mirico gro

That’s a great size to feed a family of 10 or 12…mnnnnnn rabbit stew!

Thought I might be able to explain this a bit- the rabbits are not as impressive as they seem. 🙂

The breed is known as the Flemish Giant- it isn’t uncommon for them to hit sixteen to twenty-four pounds. The rabbit it is being compared to is a two pound Netherland Dwarf- the Giant in the bottom picture looks to be about fourteen pounds.

Flemish Giants are not actually used for meat- they have too much bone and not enough flesh to make it worth anything. (While they can be eaten, it is usually only breeders who show their rabbits who eat them- even in Europe.) New Zealands and California rabbits are the two breeds you will typically find in your grocer’s meat section.

The Flemish shown on TV really are nothing special- I once judged a 4-H show that had a dozen twenty-eight pound rabbits. I almost strained my back that day 🙂

So you people feel sorry for the cute giant rabbits, but not for the other animals you probably eat daily? The lovely baby cows and the very intelligent little piggies you are just now digesting?
Come on-either admit that eating meat is a part of nature, a process needed for survival, or, if you feel bad for having to take the life of an animal to get food, stop eating animals regardless of their ‘cuteness’.
Btw, the giants here look a bit overwhelmed by their size to me.

I think the guy is a freakin miget


F*&%ing Hell thats retarded

Hi is it possible to get one that big i know the photo isnt photo shopped because i know how to tell since i have a degree in the sorts but anyways i really want one or 2 of these rabbits and i dont care if just for pets i like them so if you could let me know how that would be awsome

this is fake, the first pic is photoshopped and so is the 2nd

very very nice, i love ALL Rabbit 🙂

Hello Fellow animal lovers
I have my own dutch rabbit. Her name is sophie. She looks pretty big as in weight. But, it is mostly just her fur. You wouldn’t belive how much fur during shedding season. The world’s largest rabbit is that particular breed. And I belive that rabbit is 4 feet long.

wow u guys are dumb if u look at the first picture the mans hand is gigantic. the bunny was obviously made larger through editing. well unless his hands are naturally like that. which i doubt.

hello people, id just like to say that these rabbits are freaking awesome! they are so insanely cute and i love that they are gigantic. id also like to say that people should stop being so paranoid about stuff and doubting every single thing that gets put on the internet. i realize that sometimes you need to be suspicious, since people are always trying to pull a fast one, but these photos seem pretty real to me. plus ive seen rabbits that were seriously huge and therefore i have no problem at all believing these photos are real. on that note. i really want one of these rabbits! they’re adorable 🙂

I grew up in Germany and as a child I saw these Rabbits this big and even bigger. My mom told me it was the easter bunny. This is real, back in the 1960’s they were even bigger. I can’t imagine how big they were before WW2. It’s real folks!

just imagine how much money it would caust to feed it. LOL

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is that a bunny or what.

holy cow that thing is huge

Wow what a huge !!!))) I’d like to make a kebab out of it!))

Those pictures are doctored, from what I’ve heard. I breed Flemish Giants (the breed pictured), both rabbits are an agouti color called sandy, the other ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.) accepted colors are light gray, steel, black, blue, white and fawn. My rabbits weigh between 15-18 pounds and are considered slightly on the larger side. They are very sweet and make awesome pets IF AND ONLY IF you can provide proper housing for them. They are meat rabbits, but mine are not, they’re just great pets and animals. 🙂

omg hoe big does it want to get



These Flemish Giants are a very large rabbit. My son has one that is very smart. We put his cage outside on the ground during good weather. He is let out to graze in the yard and when my son is ready to put him back into his cage he just tells him, “It’s time to go home.”, and he goes to his cage and goes in. He is a little over 30 inches long and stands about 15 inches tall at the sholders when he walks. When you rubb or pet him he flattens out like a bear skin rug until you stop, and will nibble at your clothes until you give him all your attention.

Anyone know a breeder of these in germany or sweden?

i love these rabbits. I have a nice big yard and a cute garden to house it, but of course, when i asked my parents, the said NO. 🙁 i am pretty sure this photo is not ‘shopped but you have to be doubtful sometimes. i think this rabbit is so cute, and lives a long and beautiful bunny-life.

Woowww! Totally amazing. …I wish ihad that bunny 😛


I want to eat one

I will like to buy the weaners of this Giant Rabbit ior breeding in my Rabbitry,Kindly sent me the price for Two Breeding pair.Looking forward to receiving your prompt response.Thank